Thursday, February 16, 2017

February Moda Club 2017

Thanks for all the wonderful Show & Tell!
Pictures should be posted on facebook soon.

This month, we celebrated Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls and Charms.

Speedwell  Quilt 
 This Moda Bakeshop Recipe calls for a Layer Cake,
1 yard neutral fabric for background, 1 1/4 yard for border,
and 1/2 yard for binding. 

Moda Bakeshop has some great patterns for using Layer Cakes.

A cute lunch bag, made with charms and some additional fabrics.
It took only 12 charm squares to complete.  A great way to use up left over charms or scraps.
Moda Bake Shop Charm Patterns

There were several, beautiful Jelly Roll Quilts shown by members.
Moda Bake Shop Jelly Roll Patterns

Pods are available at Ben's!
When you purchase a pod, you get pre-cut fabrics, backing and binding.  Tari, put this beautiful table runner together for us.

Other pod packages have all the materials for 12 log cabin blocks.  You can add pods to create a quilt of your desired size.  
A pod would be a great way to introduce someone to quilting.

Presenting Our 2017 Group Quilt!
We received a total of 44 friendship stars.
Next month, it should be quilted and hanging for all to enjoy.
Drawing for this quilt will be in November 2017.

Available now at Ben's!
Woodland Spirit Quilt Kits

 For the knitters....

Shepherd's Wool Mill Ends!

Be sure to check facebook, weekly, for
weekend specials! 

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