Friday, October 25, 2013

In Stitches Club

Great to see those of you who turned out for some knitting and crocheting yesterday.  We had much more comfortable conditions and some awesome show & tell! 
Our next gathering, is going to be a week early, 11/21/13, as the last Thursday will be Thanksgiving.  So mark your calendars now. 
Many of us are already on Ravelry.  We connected a TV to a laptop, so the group could see well enough to explore some options.  Often we see a yarn we love, but wonder what to make with it....
 At this screen, we first chose the yarn tab at the top.  Then, we typed in Opal, and clicked the search box.

The next screen gave us many options of Opal.  We picked the first one.
(double clicking on the words high lighted by the little hand)

 The next screen tells us all about this type of Opal:  Weight, yards, average cost etc.
If you look up to the top right of this screen, you will see pattern ideas and that there are 5,491 projects shared on Ravelry, with this yarn.  We double clicked on pattern ideas.
In the next screen, we see that there are 50 pages of inspiration!
 Some of these patterns listed are free and some are available for purchase at Ravelry. 
 Often, someone will show me a magazine, or old pattern and say "I want to make this".  The pattern will list a particular yarn.  By using the yarn search tab, you can find what weight yarn your pattern is really calling for, and choose a great yarn to substitute for that project.
I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of what we covered.   Log into Ravelry, and check out those tabs at the top.  So many wonderful possibilities.

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