Saturday, August 23, 2014

Trick or Treat Bag

Panel Trick Or Treat Bag
Materials needed:   2 panel pieces,  5/8 yard Fusible Fleece,
5/8 yard lining fabric,  1 1/8 of 1" webbing for handles.
Choose your two panels
Iron each panel piece to a piece of fusible fleece.
Trim white edges off each panel piece after fused.
Lay one panel piece on lining fabric.
Cut to the same size as panel
(exterior of bag from here on out).
Without moving the lining fabric, just cut in above step,
cut the two bottom squares off.
You should now have interior and
exterior pieces that look like this:
With right sides of fabric facing,
sew the bottom of the lining pieces,
leaving an area open for turning.
Sew side seams.  Repeat this process with the exterior pieces,
 but you should sew completely across
the bottom of the exterior piece.
Open corners.  Put right sides together and
sew to box the bottom of the bag.
Repeat this step with exterior fabrics.
 Place handles 4" in from edge of bag, on each side.
 Stitch close to edge to hold in place.
At this point, pull the lining, with wrong side facing you,
over the exterior bag with right side facing out. 
(right sides should be together now)
Stitch 1/4 to 1/2" around the top of the bag.
Turn bag through the bottom opening of the lining.
Sew opening of lining shut,
and stuff lining into the bag.
Press seam around the top of the bag.
Top stitch and your ready for Halloween!

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